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While our focus has been on COVID 19, facilities around the world have become breeding grounds for the transmission of germs, viruses and bacteria. As a result, our buildings have become unhealthy. “Sick” buildings contribute significantly to this widespread problem. A major contributor to this is a leaky roof. Roofs so frequently leak that building owners are resigned to this as a “cost of business”. It is a significant cost because
they not only cause unsightly ceilings and interior damage, leaks are a major cause of the development of mold. A major contributor to the “sick building” dilemma. Water infiltration leads to poor indoor air conditions, which impacts the health of its occupants. In addition, occupants themselves, exacerbate the condition whenever they enter a building. People are germ carriers, leading to an exacerbation to the negative impact buildings have on occupants.

Technologies have attempted to address these concerns. The most prevalent recommendations and technologies include increasing air exchanges, air filtration, electronic air filters/plasma, hydrogen peroxide misting systems (aqueous), chemical misting systems (aqueous), ozone (O3) systems, ionic technology, ultraviolet lights, and chemical disinfectants.  These efforts have had only a minimal impact.

Viruses, Infectious Bacteria and Fungi have been, are, and will continue to be a worldwide threat to the health of humans. The infection control protocols identified above struggle against these threats.

Harvest, through the implementation of the CIMR technology, is in the position to transform UNHEALTHY buildings into HEALTHY ones, creating an environment that is safe, effective and productive.

Imagine a world where our hospitals, schools, and buildings provide the safe conditions that we all deserve.

Sanitizing Technology

Imagine a world where our hospitals, schools, and buildings provide the safe conditions that we all deserve.

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Making Buildings and Living Spaces Healthy

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